That's NIRMI. Our new baby carrier.

The baby carrier which lets you have your baby close to your heart while changing the lives of artisan women from all over the world. 


Ergonomic and comfortable

  • quick to put on without tying, front and back carrying possible
  • back panel adjustable steplessly in width always guaranteeing the right ergonomics.
  • Length-adjustable and crossable shoulder straps for back-friendly carrying
  • Thin and comfortable straps and stable hip belt made of 100% wool felt.



Growing along

  • Back panel steplessly adjustable in width through a velcro on the hip belt. Height adjustable through reversible hip belt.  
  • For babies from 0-36 month (3,5 bis 15 kg / 7.7 to 33.07lbs)


Natural fabrics

NIRMI is made of regional natural materials. The main fabric is 100% European linen (woven in Austria). Instead of plastic foam, we use 100% wool felt from Austrian sheep for the filling. This protects the environment and keeps you and your baby dry, even on longer hikes.


Change your patch.
Change lives.

With our baby carrier parents can carry their babies securely and close to their heart while maximising their freedom in their daily lives.

By simply changing the design of their NIRMI carrier they directly contribute to the economical empowerment of women artisans.

Stop Motion Change

Our vision

A world in which traditional artisans are valued and can earn a living.

Our mission

We make fair and ethically produced textile artisanship wearable.
fair pay

Our values





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The Team

Elisabeth Potrusil-Kloyber


Christian Kloyber