NIRMI – the good baby carrier

We are an Austrian social enterprise linking international textile crafts, social impact, transparency and innovation. We are finishing the development of a baby carrier with impact featuring textile crafts from artisans from around the world. Made in Austria. Stay tuned!


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A baby carrier featuring artisan textiles from around the world.

NIRMI has the vision to produce baby carriers under fair conditions and to improve the economic situation of women artisans along the entire production chain.

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Our values

Good for babies and parents

It‘s in the babies’ nature to be close to their parents. Being carried makes them feel safe and secure. With our baby carriers parents can carry their babies securely and close to their heart promoting attachment while maximising their freedom at home and for recreational activities.

Good for producers

NIRMI is a social enterprise. We seek to improve women‘s economic situation all along the supply chain by creating new job possibilities and connecting artisans directly to the global market.

Good for the environment

NIRMI baby carriers are transparently made from certified natural materials. For us, sustainability means generating new sales in the most resource-efficient way possible: NIRMI baby carriers are therefore taken back, repaired and resold / rented. At the end-of life carriers are upcycled into new products such as bags or backpacks.


We don’t just rely on voluntary certificates that often discriminate small artisans. We make our entire supply chain transparent. First-time buyers, re-users and recyclers can view product specifications as well as all production steps including the corresponding stored evidence at the push of a button. To this end, we cooperate with the German startup

The NIRMI Team

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